Version 2.0 – The Bucket Plan Software

Published July 13th, 2018 in News, Path News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

We are excited to announce version 2.0 of The Bucket Plan® software. This revision has been in the works for months. We couldn’t be happier to share it with everyone who has already been utilizing the application and with those of you who have been awaiting this release to begin using the platform.

What can you expect from the latest version: 

  • User experience improved throughout the application
  • New toggle button to allow ease of switching between the Traditional Money Cycle and The Bucket Plan Money Cycle
  • Data synchronization from the Fact Finder to the Asset Sheet.
    • Now when you enter information into the Fact Finder, you won’t have to reenter it into the Asset Sheet.
  • Brand new templates for the Final Plan Deliverable
  • Improved ease of uploading logos, designations and disclosures
  • Ability to edit households within the application
  • Free-flow data input – freedom to skip between the Fact Finder, Money Cycle and The Bucket Plan, helping to manage every aspect of data collection and the sales process

The release date for the application is 7/17/2018

If you have any questions regarding access to the application or how to use it, please connect with your Business Development Partner. If you find any technical bug issues, please send an email to

As always, we seek to provide you with best-of-breed solutions and we are proud to share with you V2.0 of

Note: Please do not use the software after 8:00pm on 7/16/2018 as the system will be down for maintenance and upgrade until 8:00am on 7/17/2018.