Top Advisor Roundtables

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Our Top Advisor Roundtable breakout sessions exemplify what the Mastermind Group is all about. Here are the latest innovations, sales and planning ideas shared at the last Mastermind Collegium directly from your peers!

John VanWeelden
VanWeelden Wealth Management

Sequence of Returns Risk – How to effectively illustrate this risk to your clients to motivate them to take action.
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DC Chamberlin
The Chamberlin Group

Current Volatility Explained in Client Review – Using performance reports and the DFA matrix book to improve client retention.
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David Hoff
First Heartland Corporation

Life Insurance Sales Strategies – Where does life insurance fit in The Bucket Plan®?
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Yvonne Marsh
Marsh Professional Group

LTC Planning Strategies – What is asset based long-term care, and how do I position it in a financial plan?
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