Take Action Podcast: “DOL-Proof” Your Revenue

Published July 29th, 2016 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

There are many concerns as to how the new DOL legislation may impact compensation structure. This is why it’s critical to diversify your income sources. In this edition of the Take Action Podcast series, Mastermind Advisor Greg Hammer discusses how building a tax practice and Medicare supplement division has helped him to diversify his revenue while creating more value for his clients and demand for his services.

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“’DOL-Proof’ Your Revenue: Application of Top Strategies”

Tune into this podcast to hear Greg’s first hand account on:

  • How he diversified his revenue sources while providing more value to his clients
  • Strategies he took to become more referable by his clients
  • Why potential changes to commission and compensation do not concern him
  • Simple steps he took to hire and train tax and Medicare professionals to support his growing business model
  • How he dominated his community with a powerful brand rooted in holistic planning
  • And more!