RetireUp Software – Collegium Recap

Published September 23rd, 2016 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

As a member of our Mastermind Group, we aim to continuously deliver valuable new processes and tools. We recently announced the new RetireUp software solution that helps you with retirement income planning. In our next Collegium highlight, watch as Dave Alison, Chief Sales Officer, demonstrates the power of using this new cloud-based retirement income modeling software to backtest and support The Bucket Plan® recommendations and implementation!

Built by an advisor, RetireUp:

  • Creates an interactive experience between representative and client, while maintaining simplicity and driving production
  • Focuses on the distribution phase of retirement, and can also model annuity and insurance products while stress testing sequence of returns risk in an engaging interface
  • Provides the perfect balance between basic retirement calculators and intensive retirement planning tools


Allianz has given C2P special privilege to have access to the Allianz 222 product within the software. To gain access, you simply need to select Prosperity Capital Advisors as your broker-dealer, which will open up the product in your account. 

Visit to sign up today.