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Great American Safe Return® Webinar

As part of our ongoing Monthly Product Webinar Series, Dave Alison will be discussing the Great American Safe Return®! Join him Tuesday, August 30 at 3 p.m. EDT as he talks through how this product offers your client’s peace of mind to know their final expenses are covered.

On this webinar, Dave will cover:

MMC Frank Maselli Presents: The Perfect Storm

The new workshop, The Perfect Storm, and supporting materials are available!  And so is a live presentation of the workshop delivered by the seminar master, Frank Maselli. Click on the video below to watch a compelling and impactful delivery of our new turnkey seminar: The Perfect Storm: The 3 Biggest Dangers Investors Face Today and […]
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Take Action Podcast: “DOL-Proof” Your Revenue

There are many concerns as to how the new DOL legislation may impact compensation structure. This is why it’s critical to diversify your income sources. In this edition of the Take Action Podcast series, Mastermind Advisor Greg Hammer discusses how building a tax practice and Medicare supplement division has helped him to diversify his revenue […]
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MMC Updates & Innovations

In continuation of highlights from our most recent Mastermind Collegium event, today we share our opening updates and innovations with the latest resources available to Mastermind members.

Highlights include:

  • The Communications Hub – This will be our go-to place for communications and updates with Mastermind members moving forward. Be sure […]
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Charity Nomination

We hope your summer is going well. It’s hard to believe that planning for tax season is around the corner.

In the spirit of using the collective wisdom and thoughts of our Mastermind Group, we are looking for opinions of a charity to collectively support during our next tax season. If you have a charity […]
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Marketing Matters Study Group Announcement

Join us to discuss what successful advisors are doing now to raise recognition and awareness in their local communities!

Tuesday, July 26 (3pm EDT / Noon PDT)

This Month’s Topic: Maximizing Reach in Your Local Community

  • Charitable outreach initiatives
  • Building credibility and exposure through local media channels
  • Identifying cross-promotional opportunities with strategic partners

Call […]
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