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Presidents’ Day Holiday Schedule

Published February 15th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

Please be advised of the following Presidents’ Day Schedule for TD Ameritrade:

Friday, February 17, 2017:

  • OTC Fixed Income Market – Standard Close
  • US Equity Market / Listed Bond Market – Standard Close at 4:00 PM ET
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional – Standard Hours of Operation

Monday, February 20, 2017:

  • US Equity and Fixed Income Markets – Closed
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional – Closed

Please note: Any new account applications, trades, or distribution requests submitted to PCA on Monday will not be processed until Tuesday.


Panel Discussion: The Agency Builder

Published February 14th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

Our latest beta test is now underway: The Agency Builder System, a final expense and mortgage protection life process. The next registration for new beta group members will begin Summer 2017.

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning age 65 in the next 14 years, there is a big opportunity for advisors to cross-sell products to this marketplace. Click to watch a panel of our peers discuss the opportunity surrounding the addition of final expense & mortgage protection life to the 10K Boomers A Day® process and how to structure this program to bring on additional advisors to fill these gaps in your holistic planning practice!

Be sure to keep an eye out for more details on this new process as the beta program concludes testing in the coming months!


DOL Rule Delay Update

Published February 10th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

The DOL has started the formal process to delay the fiduciary rule applicability date currently scheduled for April 10. The amount of time for this delay is still uncertain, but many are reporting 180 days. They initiated this process by sending a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on February 9. Their reviews typically take 10-14 days; however, given the pending deadline, a quicker response is anticipated. This process will include a 15-day comment period, and then, the DOL will be able to issue a formal delay of the applicability

As we saw earlier this week, Texas federal trial Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn ruled in favor of the DOL Fiduciary Rule in a case brought by nine plaintiffs. Ultimately, we at Clarity 2 Prosperity see this as evidence that the best interest standards are still fully in motion. While delays are an almost certainty, if you have not already taken measures to adapt to best interest standard, time is still running out. We will continue to maintain our proactive communications with the Department of Labor and keep you apprised of further developments.

Jason L Smith


ETF Portfolio Line Now Available

Published February 9th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

In an effort to provide you and your clients with alternatives to the PCA Dimensional portfolios, the Investment Committee has created a menu of ETFs portfolios in alignment with our evidence based investment philosophy with asset allocation, geographic exposure, and “tilt” (toward small and value) similar to Dimensional model portfolios we manage. The ETFs have been constructed by the Investment Committee will be monitored bi-monthly just as our Pre-Tax, Post-Tax, Global Portfolio, SMD, and DFI portfolio models are.

There are allocations (equity/fixed) for:

  • Equity (100/0)
  • Growth (80/20)
  • Moderate (60/40)
  • Balanced (50/50)
  • Conservative (40/60)
  • Stable (20/80)

These ETF portfolios will have an account minimum of $25,000.

The current ETFs include:


  • FlexShares Morningstar US Market Factors Tilt ETF (TILT)
  • IShares Core S&P500 (IVV)
  • IShares Core S&P Mid-Cap (IJH)
  • Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ)
  • FlexShares Morningstar Developed Markets ex US Factor Tilt ETF (TLTD)
  • FlexShares Morningstar Emerging Markets Factor Tilt ETF (TLTE)


  • Vanguard Short-Term Govt. Bond ETF (VGSH)
  • Vanguard Intermediate-Term Govt. Bond ETF (BIV)
  • Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (BNDX)

You can click here to view a new Investment Summary Worksheet with the added ETF options.

Thank you for your continued support and business. If you have any questions, please contact the PCA Operations Team!


Jerry R. Herman, CFA
Co-Chairman, PCA Investment Committee

Clint Pelfrey
Co-Chairman, PCA Investment Committee



TD Ameritrade Mailing Address Changes

Published February 7th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

Please note the recent announcement from TD Ameritrade in regards to changes in the overnight and standard mailing addresses.

Notice: Change in Mailing Addresses

Beginning Friday, February 24, TD Ameritrade Institutional will have new mailing addresses for overnight and standard U.S. mail. We ask that you take note of the new addresses and begin using them on February 24 for all future correspondence.

Overnight Mail:
TD Ameritrade Institutional
7801 Mesquite Bend Drive, Suite 112
Irving, TX 75063-6043

Standard U.S. Mail:
TD Ameritrade Institutional
PO Box 650567
Dallas, TX 75265-0567

Mail received at the previous addresses may be delayed in processing.

Our phone and fax numbers remain unchanged.


Small Group Holistic Advisor Academy

Published February 7th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

Have a friend or colleague who would benefit from Clarity 2 Prosperity training and processes?

We will be hosting an introductory meeting in Cleveland next month—the perfect opportunity for new advisors to check out what we have to offer. This will be a hands-on, educational event that will deliver immediate value, as well as an opportunity to meet our team and identify if we can be of service.

Have a referral?
In our effort to grow our organization of like-minded holistic advisors dedicated to serving our clients’ best interest, we ask that you invite any of your peers you feel would be a good fit and would benefit from our training services. Regardless of BD, IMO or RIA affiliations, we will present a number of ways they will be able to tap into our resources at this event.

Referral Reward
We will provide a Bucket List experience of a 1-hour golf lesson with a PGA pro ($130 value) in the major city of your choice in exchange for a qualified referral who registers for this event! We also have created a special offer code for $200 off event registration for your referred guest(s) (HAA0309).

How to Participate

  • Forward the information below to your advisor friends along with why you think C2P would be a good fit for them (or how we have helped your business) and/or
  • Set up a phone call introduction to answer any preliminary questions by contacting Amy Frederick at 440-471-0345 ext:116 afrederick@c2pmastermind.com.

Event Details to Share
(Personalize to include your C2P experience.)

From clearly documenting your sales process to providing holistic financial planning solutions in a client’s best interest, the best interest standard is not going away—no matter how legislation continues to evolve. Equipping yourself with these skills and abilities will help you build a successful business for years to come. Don’t miss this hands-on, educational training where we will share 21 packaged, proven processes to grow, automate and enhance your advisory firm.

Small Group Holistic Advisor Academy
March 9-10

Click here to learn more

Save $200 with referral code
Referral Code: HAA0309
Referred By: (Be sure they provide your name!)
Expires: Midnight (ET) Tuesday, February 21


Not so fast on DOL rule

Published February 6th, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

I am following up on the article published by InvestmentNews I sent on the Fiduciary rule being delayed 180 days.

An executive order was drafted by the White House and circulated that included instructions to delay the applicability date under the assumption Trump would sign it the following day (Friday).

What actually happened was a memorandum (not an executive order) was issued instructing the DOL to do a thorough examination and economic and legal analysis of the Fiduciary Rule. It (did not) include instructions to delay the 4/10/17 applicability date as that part was removed.

Please click here to read the memorandum.

It is not believed this analysis can realistically be completed in the next 60 days before 4/10/17.

The DOL issued a statement that they “will now consider legal options to delay the applicability of the date as we comply with the Presidents memorandum.”

So long story short this is a pretty good strategy (in my opinion) to get the rule delayed and then modified or rescinded. If he would have issued the executive order to delay it, he would have had an uphill legal battle as you technically cannot do so once a law is already in effect which the Fiduciary rule is as the effective date was 4/10/16 and the applicability date is 4/10/17.

I think we will hear from the DOL next week or the following on how they are going to delay the applicability date in order to do the analysis the President ordered them to do.

We will keep you posted.

Thank you,

Jason L. Smith


Allianz is giving guarantees a boost!

Published February 1st, 2017 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

Enhancements on Allianz fixed index annuities (FIA) effective Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Effective Tuesday, February 7, 2017, your clients can take advantage of increased bonus and withdrawal percentage guarantees on Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz) fixed index annuities. These product changes will require use of new Statements of Understanding and consumer brochures. From January 31 to February 6, you will be able to select between two versions of forms and materials based on when the application will be submitted (please be sure that any illustrations you want to access after the changes are saved outside of the Allianz illustration software as PDFs).

  • Allianz 222® Annuity
    • Protected Income Value bonus will increase from 15% to 20%1.
  • Allianz 360SM Annuity and 360 Benefit rider2
    • Income options 1 and 2 base withdrawal percentages will increase by 0.40% for single life and joint life.
  • Allianz 365i® Annuity and Income Maximizer Rider3
    • Income Maximizer Rider income options 1 and 2 base withdrawal percentages will increase by 0.50% for single life and joint life. As always, option 3 base withdrawal percentages can change monthly until time of election.
    • The protected income value guaranteed interest credit will increase to 6%4.
  • Core Income 7® Annuity and Core Income Benefit rider5
    • Income options 1 and 2 base withdrawal percentages will increase by 0.40% for single life and joint life.

Business rules
Applications signed on or after Tuesday, February 7, 2017 will automatically receive the post-change version of the product. The 2/2017 version of the Statement of Understanding must be received prior to issue.

Pending applications or issued contracts within their free-look period as of Monday, February 6
Pending applications or issued contracts within their free-look period receiving the pre-change version of the product may opt in to the post-change version of the product by submitting the February 2017 Product Change Letter of Instruction and the 2/2017 Statement of Understanding to the home office no later than Tuesday, March 7.

1 The premium bonus and interest bonus are credited only to the Protected Income Value. To receive the PIV, including the bonus, the contract must be held for at least 10 contract years, and then lifetime income withdrawals must be taken. You will not receive the bonuses if the contract is fully surrendered or if traditional annuitization payments are taken. If it is partially surrendered the PIV will be reduced proportionally, which could result in a partial loss of bonuses.  Because this is a bonus annuity, it may include higher surrender charges, longer surrender charge periods, lower caps, higher spreads, or other restrictions that are not included in similar annuities that don’t offer a bonus feature.

2The 360 Benefit rider charge is 1.15% of the accumulation value annually.

3The Income Maximizer rider charge is 1.20% of the protected income value, deducted from the accumulation value annually.

4The rider’s guaranteed interest credit lasts only until income is started.

5The Core Income Benefit rider charge is 1.05% of the accumulation value annually.

Payout rates are guaranteed at issue for the life of the contract. Rates are subject to change on new issues at the discretion of the company

Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America.

Products are issued by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America.

C54370-MVA, R95352-MVA, R95316-01-MVA, R95331-01-MVA, R95374-MVA

For financial professional use only – not for use with the public.