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October Training Corner

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We are excited to provide you with the latest 2018 Training Corner. In this edition, you will find updates to several e-Learning courses and documents as well as a new resource – the seminar evaluation form. Changes to some of the most frequently used planning documents, such as The Income Gap Assessment and The Bucket Plan Design Worksheet, are just some updates to note.

Click here to read the October Training Corner



New and Improved MentorConnect Portal

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We are excited to unveil the new and improved MentorCONNECT portal! We have re-tooled the portal to improve your experience – making it easier to find the right mentor or the exact specialization you want to dive deeper into during your mentor call.

The improved functionality includes a brand new “My Office” tab where you can track the calls you have used and the advisors in your firm who have access to the portal. We also have added the ability to purchase additional calls as needed right through the portal.

These calls can be instrumental as you grow. Just listen to what your fellow advisors are saying!

“I love the fact that folks who are high producers and very busy will take the time out of their day to help others grow and improve their practice!”

“Thank you for the valuable insight into your process, very helpful.”

“Great content and ideas for electronic marketing!”

As a reminder, each Mastermind office is entitled to two free 30 minute calls per month. If you have not already started using MentorCONNECT, just reach out to Melanie Moorer at 888-240-1923 ext. 115 to get started. Book your mentor calls today!


Webinar: The Importance of Being in a Mastermind Group

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“More gold had been mined from the mind of men than the earth itself.” – Napoleon Hill

Attend our upcoming webinar and learn to benefit from the “gold” of your peers by joining a Mastermind Group and learning to engage, appreciate, and utilize all of the resources that can become available to you.

The Importance of Being in a Mastermind Group
Learning to Engage, Appreciate & Utilize Your Peers

Register Here!

Wednesday, October 17
2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT

Presenters: Jason L Smith, Greg Hammer and Jeremy Reiland


Top Advisor Showcase: Brian Sak

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October is officially upon us, and that means it’s time for another recap from the June Mastermind Collegium in Cleveland. In this edition, Brian Sak, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® discusses how he and his team utilize bond alternatives to help clients avoid interest rate risk and sequence of returns risk while saving annual fees and growing their capital base.

Welcome Jason King

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We are really excited to announce that your resources and support at Clarity 2 Prosperity are growing with the addition of Jason King. Jason, the son of Doug King, has grown up in the financial services industry and brings financial planning knowledge as well as practical application of The Bucket Plan to help support you and your clients.

Jason King

Business Development Associate


Some of the areas you will find value in working with Jason are: 

  • Coaching and development of The Bucket Plan design for your clients.
  • Role playing to help you master the tools, scripts and resources within The Bucket Plan Best Interest and Holistic Planning Process.
  • Advanced planning, case design, and proposals to help support the sales of annuity through C2P Advisory and AUM portfolios through Valor Capital Management.

To learn more about Jason, check out his full bio here

He can be contacted at 888-240-1923 x306 or via email at jking@c2penterprises.com

Mastermind Joint Case Connection

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As shared during our recent Mastermind Collegium, we are introducing the Mastermind Joint Case Connection. This is a service that capitalizes on the wisdom and experience held within Mastermind members. It connects advisors who run into an advanced need that is outside of their realm of experience with a Mastermind member who has both the knowledge and first-hand experience in handling that need. By working together, the client is provided with well-rounded service and solutions.

Compensation to the advisor providing the subject matter expertise is based on the Find/Mind/Grind system in which the assisting advisor serves the function of the “Mind” and is paid 33% of the advisor’s total commission or fee payout. For example, if the original advisor were to earn a commission or fee payout of $10,000 for the case, the assisting advisor would be compensated $3,300.

Click here to view the list of advisors participating in this solution, areas of expertise, and contact information. Please reach out to one of these members when the opportunity arises.



Version 2.0 – The Bucket Plan Software

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We are excited to announce version 2.0 of The Bucket Plan® software. This revision has been in the works for months. We couldn’t be happier to share it with everyone who has already been utilizing the application and with those of you who have been awaiting this release to begin using the platform.

What can you expect from the latest version: 

  • User experience improved throughout the application
  • New toggle button to allow ease of switching between the Traditional Money Cycle and The Bucket Plan Money Cycle
  • Data synchronization from the Fact Finder to the Asset Sheet.
    • Now when you enter information into the Fact Finder, you won’t have to reenter it into the Asset Sheet.
  • Brand new templates for the Final Plan Deliverable
  • Improved ease of uploading logos, designations and disclosures
  • Ability to edit households within the application
  • Free-flow data input – freedom to skip between the Fact Finder, Money Cycle and The Bucket Plan, helping to manage every aspect of data collection and the sales process

The release date for the application is 7/17/2018

If you have any questions regarding access to the application or how to use it, please connect with your Business Development Partner. If you find any technical bug issues, please send an email to support@ebucketplan.com.

As always, we seek to provide you with best-of-breed solutions and we are proud to share with you V2.0 of www.EBucketPlan.com.

Note: Please do not use the eBucketPlan.com software after 8:00pm on 7/16/2018 as the system will be down for maintenance and upgrade until 8:00am on 7/17/2018. 



Revised Webinar Date: Using FIAs as a Bond Alternative

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Join us on Thursday, May 24 at 3 p.m. ET / Noon PT to learn how to:

  • Deliver increased portfolio stability and consistent income
  • Mitigate interest rate risk and sequence of returns risk
  • Educate clients on the investment fundamentals of how bonds and FIAs work
  • Identify FIAs in the best interest of your clients through a critical 5-step screening process (whether fee- or commission-based)

Register Here

PCA November Model Rebalance

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As decided by the PCA Investment Committee, each November we look to rebalance the Global, Pre-Tax, and Post-Tax Models. The committee decided to create a streamlined and uniform rebalance month so that advisors can plan well in advance for any potential changes they would like to make in their client accounts. We chose November because not only will we be able to rebalance the models back to target by year end, we will also be able to accommodate any RMDs or model changes during the rebalance. Since the accounts managed by PCA carry transaction costs when being bought or sold ($9.99 at TDAI), you may want to provide PCA special instructions if you feel accounts may need changes, thus killing two birds with one stone and saving the client additional transaction costs down the road.

Here are a couple items you might want to consider:

  • Set money aside for expected upcoming distributions (including RMDs)
  • Model change due to financial situation
  • Not to rebalance at all due to tax sensitivity or other reason

Here is a quick 6 minute video on a really helpful tool found in Orion where you can easily measure the gain/loss impact on each of your accounts if you request a model change or we rebalance the portfolio. I find this tool very helpful for my Post-Tax accounts.

This year it was decided by the Investment Committee that there would not be any allocation or fund changes. However, due to a generally uptrending market over the last year, accounts may be out of tolerance on the equity side. Therefore, it is necessary to rebalance accounts back to tolerance and to get back to our required 2% cash position. We expect to begin rebalancing accounts the week of November 20 with the expectation of having all accounts rebalanced by November 30.

Also, as an added value, we will review all accounts in the Post-Tax models for short-term capital gains over $1,000 and provide a report to you with the option to exclude those accounts from rebalancing.

We are requesting that you review your client accounts in the Global, Pre-Tax, and Post-Tax models and notify PCA Operations of any special trading instructions for specific accounts. If you do not submit instructions via this secure webform, all accounts in these models will undergo our block rebalance. If you have many accounts with special instructions (20+), please use this spreadsheet template in place of the secure webform to list the accounts and submit via Egnyte to your Trading Submission folder. The deadline to submit any special instructions to PCA Operations is Friday, November 17.

We wanted to send this initial communication out to allow you to have ample time to notify your clients of the upcoming rebalance and to discuss any year end planning issues that may be affected. Specific details of fund and/or allocation changes as well as the exact target date of the rebalance will be provided in the near future.

As always, any reports needed to assist you in reviewing your accounts may be requested via email from PCA Operations at operations@prosperityca.com.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We value our relationship with you and appreciate your ongoing business with PCA

Global Market Breakdown – YTD

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I am pleased to provide this report and summary data for the Global Market Breakdown on a YTD basis. In the past, we have provided this information monthly and DFA separately provided a quarterly report. In an effort to better understand the relative performance of various sectors of the world market and look at an attribution analysis of our models, this report should be helpful. Please click here to to view additional details (including 1Q and 2Q).

Global Market Breakdown YTD 2017

  • Global equity markets (MSCI All Country Index) have advanced 15.5% YTD lead by Emerging Markets which are up 28.6% (MSCI Emerging Markets). US markets (Russell 3000) are up 11.2% and Developed (MSCI World ex US) markets are up 16.6%.
  • In the US, Growth (Russell 3000 Growth) is up 18.5% while Value (Russell 3000 Value) is up 4.3%. Large cap (Russell 1000) is up 11.8% and Small cap (Russell 2000) is up 4.4%.
  • In Developed markets, Small cap (MSCI World ex US Small Cap) is up 20.9% and Large Cap (MSCI World ex US Large) is up 15.9%. Growth (MSCI World ex US), is up 19.5% while Value (MSCI World ex US) is up 14%.
  • In emerging markets, Growth (MSCI EM Growth Index) is up 34.9% and Value (MSCI EM Value Index) which was up 22.7%. Large Cap (MSCI EM Large Cap) is up 29% and Small Cap (MSCI EM Small Cap) is up 22.7%

Note: all MSCI is gross dividends 

General Observations

  • It has been a strong year for equities on a worldwide basis.
  • PCA Models have been helped somewhat by global diversification as international markets are stronger than the US, YTD.
  • Premiums/Tilt: Growth is beating Value throughout the world. Large is beating Small in the US and EM, while Small, is outperforming Large in Developed markets. This is in contrast to the long-term factual data that shows Small beats Large and Value beats growth over the long run.

Thank you,

Jerry Herman, CFA
Co-Chair of the Investment Committee