Webinar: The Evolution of Investing

Published December 2nd, 2016 in News, Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

We are excited to host a webinar entitled “The Evolution of Investing” on Thursday, December 15 from 3-4pm Eastern.

Click here to access the live webinar!

The presentation will discuss how investing has evolved over time and highlight why we choose to implement an evidenced based approach today in our portfolios. Over the years, academic research has challenged many conventional assumptions about investing. Through the use of stories and analogies, this presentation explains the differences between traditional, predictive investment approaches and an alternate method based on market pricing, asset class behavior, and other evidence-based principles.

Joining us on the webinar will be Daniel Essman and Christian Newton, Regional Directors at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Their bios can be found here.

In addition, to give you a preview of the key themes of the presentation, please watch the 5+ minute video below ahead of the webinar.

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