MMC Updates & Innovations

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In continuation of highlights from our most recent Mastermind Collegium event, today we share our opening updates and innovations with the latest resources available to Mastermind members.

Highlights include:

  • New e-Learning Courses
    • The Cash Flow Analyzer: 8-step process and interactive calculation tool to maximize revenue & decrease expenses (now available!)
    • The Low-Cost Referral Builder: Leonard Parson’s powerful ticket marketing system that reduced his marketing costs by 60% with 75-100 warm leads each month, now packaged, into a step-by-step process (debuting in the coming weeks)
    • The Family Succession Plan: Turnkey process and tools for retaining assets through the death claim process (now available!)
  • Updated e-Learning Courses
    • The Tax Practice Builder®: Each of the 8-steps has been updated by our team of subject-matter experts. Be sure to review going into 2017 tax season (now available!)
    • The TeamWork Movement: The Hiring Advantage will be updated in the coming weeks with the 3-step process to bring a new member on the team, along with audio / video on The Kolbe and The Communication Break Through (debuting in the coming weeks)
  • The Bucket Plan® Map
    Whether you have a 2 or 3 appointment process, this tool details when to do which steps of The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process.
  • The 4-Week Sprint
    Now available as an ongoing refresher to Mastermind members and their teams to brush up on the essentials tools and steps of The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process

    Webinars available with Dave Alison 2 p.m. (EST) Every Tuesday & Thursday
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  • The Bucket Plan® Book
    Customize your own preface and cover of Jason’s latest book, The Bucket Plan with Foreword by Ed Slott. Tell the story of how The Bucket Plan is used in your practice, and order promotional copies for use with your clients and prospects!

  • Media Interview Opportunity
    Submit your interest form along with your bio and a high-resolution headshot to for consideration in future media opportunities.
  • Click here for quick access to the latest, updated IP, including:
    • Income Gap Assessment
    • Volatility Tolerance Analysis
    • Menu of Services – Service Models
    • Pyramid of Risk e-Learning
      • Visual
      • Scripts
    • Soon & Later Product Guides