Mastermind Joint Case Connection

Published July 17th, 2018 in Updates and Announcements | No Comments »

As shared during our recent Mastermind Collegium, we are introducing the Mastermind Joint Case Connection. This is a service that capitalizes on the wisdom and experience held within Mastermind members. It connects advisors who run into an advanced need that is outside of their realm of experience with a Mastermind member who has both the knowledge and first-hand experience in handling that need. By working together, the client is provided with well-rounded service and solutions.

Compensation to the advisor providing the subject matter expertise is based on the Find/Mind/Grind system in which the assisting advisor serves the function of the “Mind” and is paid 33% of the advisor’s total commission or fee payout. For example, if the original advisor were to earn a commission or fee payout of $10,000 for the case, the assisting advisor would be compensated $3,300.

Click here to view the list of advisors participating in this solution, areas of expertise, and contact information. Please reach out to one of these members when the opportunity arises.