Low-Cost Referral Builder

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With only a few weeks left to round out Q1 2017, now is a great time to dig into one of our newest processes for a fresh approach to your marketing! Take a closer look at the marketing program created by Mastermind members Leonard and Kyleah Parson, Ph.D. that enabled them to cut marketing costs by 60%! Instead of relying on cold leads from the mail houses, learn the details of how he is able to average 75-100 warm leads per month from this exclusive event marketing system.

In this session, you will learn strategies for:

  • Reaching out to groups and associations in your area,
  • Creating raffle programs and tickets for seminars to drive more attendees,
  • Best practices to book and keep up more appointments from each seminar,
  • And more!

Visit C2PTraining.com to access the e-Learning course for you
and your team to implement this new process today!

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